For English speaking kenshi:

Parma Kendo Kai is a friendly Kendo association based in Parma, affiliated to C.I.K. and E.K.F.

If you come for vacation, work or exchange students program and want to practice don’t hesitate to mail or phone us! We have tare,do and shinai to lend.

Mail: parmakendokai@libero.it

Phone: +39 349 1595885 (Francesco)

Training days: Monday (seniors class) Tuesday (beginner Class) and Thursday (all classes together) from 9 PM to 10:30 PM

Location: Squashinn GYM, situated in via Rapallo n.7/A, cap 43126 Parma.

How to reach the dojo by bus: Check the main site of public transport company of Parma (T.E.P)